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MagicFX CO2-Jet

MagicFX CO2-Jet
  • MagicFX CO2-Jet


Our CO2 POWER JET is the big brother of our CO2 jets (I and II). With its extreme output, this CO2 jet is less suitable for events in smaller venues. It’s well suited for big sporting events, big festivals, or large stadiums.

Place the CO2 POWER JET on a solid and even surface or mount it in a truss using Quick Trigger Clamps. When necessary, you can adjust the output pipe in the desired direction.

The CO2 jet is controlled directly on-off, the valves will open to release the CO2 immediately. The CO2 POWER JET can also be operated with a DMX controlled power supply.

Depending on the air humidity, this beast can create a CO2 effect up to 15 meters!4 liquid CO2 bottles need to be connected to create this massive effect.

Always operate the CO2 POWER JET safely.

OHNE CO2-Können wir liefern!

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MagicFX CO2-Jet


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